Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Vancouver Island Chapter of Romance Writers of America Presents Mary Buckham

September 10, 2011 (all-day fall workshop)
Speaker: Mary Buckham
Topic: From Thought to Plot
Location: Comfort Hotel and Conference Centre, Topaz Room, 3020 Blanshard Street, Victoria (Free Parking)
Time: 9 am to 5 pm (registration 9 – 9:30)
Cost: RWA members: $65.00, Non-members: $95.00 (includes lunch and coffee breaks)
Registration Deadline is September 1, 2011.

Break Into Fiction® From Thought to Plot

Mary will show you how to develop a budding idea before you begin to plot. This is not the two-day Power Plotting retreat, but a brainstorming workshop where she will show you where the stories and characters break down before the point of plotting. The backbone of a strong story begins with developing these critical elements in the early stages of brainstorming so that you aren’t trying to “shore” up your story later. Most stories that “don’t work” had the same problems at the inception stage, but once a writer has invested a significant amount of work in manuscript pages it becomes daunting to back up and make changes so they press ahead, band-aiding weak spots.

Come to this workshop with a new idea you have not fully developed. Learn how to spin your story ideas and characters to be fresh and different build a strong infrastructure for the plot.

You will learn:

Set Up to Character: Knowing certain things before the character steps into the story provides Checks and Balance on the characters as you write to assure your character stays “in character” and does in fact grow internally by the end.

Setting up to Conflict: In setting up the conflict, keep in mind that a conflict is only as strong as the character’s motivation to battle for something and the stakes that make the battle worth winning.

Setting up the Twist Points: In creating twist points, there are key elements to keep in mind: Motivation drives the character’s action. Decisions up the conflict and create a platform for action. Stakes drive the character’s motivation to act.

Do You Really Know What A Bigger Book Is? Tired of hearing, “Great story premise, strong voice, interesting characters…but it’s not big enough” – on a 400-page story with a subplot? Or maybe you’re ready to make the leap from category to single title. Learn what the differences are between a small concept and a bigger book!

Early Bird Draw: Register and pay by August 10th. Winner will receive free registration for the workshop.

Space is limited so register early! Registration Deadline is September 1, 2011.

Visit for more information on registration.

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