Monday, July 1, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Jo-Ann Carson, fellow writer and Vancouver Island Chapter of RWA member, as well as author of romantic suspense, thrillers and mysteries, so VERY kindly awarded me the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award.’ Read about her and her writing at her blog 'Lovin' Danger'. Also, be sure to visit her website to find out more about Jo-Ann and her numerous writing awards received.

Part of receiving this award is to not only pass it on to someone else, but to also tell you seven things about me. Now, for those of you who follow my blog, I know you might be thinking, ‘Um, I read about Lisa and her weird thoughts and adventures ALL the time – what’s so different this time?’ Well, we all can’t know everything about everyone now, can we? And then you might be thinking, ‘Why do I care about seven things about Lisa?’ They way I see it is this – there are too many sad, negative things in the world these days, why not talk about something else (or someone else, like me?) for a change.

And I know this award is called the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award,’ and therefore I should maybe write something ‘inspiring’ about me, but instead I figured I would share a few ‘odd,’ sometimes contradictory, things about me - just for fun.

1. I hate chocolate chips in my muffins. I love chocolate – I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can eat it any time of day, as early as 5am. I have been known to eat a whole bag of chocolate chips. But I cannot stand them in a muffin.

2. I have switched to drinking soy – in my tea, cereal, and everything else – but insist in half/half in my coffee (decaf only). The 'soy choice' is not a vegetarian/vegan thing – I’m just trying to be healthier – plus it offsets the chocolate problem (see #1).

3. As a kid, I wanted to be Solid Gold dancer when I grew up – remember that music/dance show from the 80’s? But even as I wished I could dance like them as they gyrated and wiggled around on stage with their gold leotards, leg warmers and awesome headbands, I thought some of them were...strange.

4. I’m not a fan of seafood – I don’t like fish. But I will eat tuna (from a tin), shrimp (from frozen – already de-veined), crab (already picked out of the shell for me), fish and chips (already battered and fried for me) and smoked oysters (from a tin). But I don’t like seafood at all.

5. I love sushi, minus any meat of any kind (see #4).

6. I only drink Tetley's Orange Pekoe tea – that brand specifically. ONLY. I hate anything else. Everything else tastes like bananas – I don’t know why. And I love bananas. But I WILL drink herb tea in any brand. Oh, and the tea has to be decaf (I say this in case the kind folks at Tetley’s choose to send me a free box of tea in gratitude for me plugging them).

7. I only eat Kraft brand peanut butter – yes, for the taste, but I like the picture of the teddy bears on the container. Oh, and it has to be the ‘light’ kind (I say this in case the kind folks at Kraft choose to send me a free container of peanut butter in gratitude for me plugging them).

8. It takes me forever to order food in a restaurant – I have questions, concerns and I like things ‘on the side.’ But I figure; I cook most of the days/weeks/months of the year, so when I go out to eat it’s a BIG treat. I want things how I want them, and I don’t want to order something I won’t like and be disappointed (my apologies to the ever-patient servers at White Spot restaurant – I say this in case the kind folks at White Spot choose to send me a gift certificate in gratitude for me plugging them).

I don’t know why all these facts about me turned into my likes/dislikes/contradictions about food (except for the Solid Gold dancers bit – they have been on my mind lately), but there you have it. Oh, and it ended up being eight things about me. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

Now to pass the award to others:

I pass this award to novelist Jodie Esch. Visit her blog at 'Confessions of Young Adult Author.' Jodie has recently published not one, but TWO novels for young adults - 'Little White Lies: Book #1 (The Girlfriends Series)' and 'Little White Pills: Book #2 (The Girlfriends Series). You can find them on

I also pass this award to Ryshia Kennie, romance novelist and blogger. You can also read about Ryshia at her website. Her first two novels, Ring of Desire and From the Dust were published by Black Lyon Publishing. She is represented by Scott Eagen of Greyhaus Literary Agency.

Both these ladies inspire me with their desire and drive to keep writing and publishing, as well as their support and promotion of other writers. Here's to you, ladies!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Not liking chocolate chips in your muffins? Now that's just sick, Lisa. And Solid Gold dancers. Hmm. I thought I knew you...

    Seriously, though, well-deserved award. You inspire me every day. :-)

    1. Thank you, Ros.....very sweet of sweet as the chocolate chips I don't like in my muffins. Strange, but true. Thank you for being you...Lisa

  2. It's an honour to accept the award from a blogger I find inspiring. And one that is funny too - love your "odd things about you" list. And seafood? Really. And here you are with access to all types of seafood - and me out on the prairies loving seafood, canned or otherwise, with an ocean a zillion miles away.

    1. I know, I know, Ryshia - you would think a girl who has lived on the West Coast all her life would love seafood, but alas - No. Strange, but true. Thank you for your kind words - glad I can make you laugh! You deserve the award - love your blog! Thanks for reading, Lisa