Friday, July 29, 2011

Start Spillin’ Some Ink

I sometimes hear writers moan they have nothing to write about. Um, why do they call themselves writers, then? There is always something to write about. There is always something that needs to be said, created, imagined or interpreted.

These days, the word ink has become synonymous with tattoos, ‘Gonna get me some ink, man.’ And like tattoo artists, writers use ink to express themselves, make a statement, and create art. Everyone has something to say, something to express, something to write. Tattoo artists derive their art not only from catalogues of pre-designed tattoos, but they also expand on those creations, combine, or become inspired by those of other artists and create their own. They find meaning and direction through their art.

Getting a tattoo hurts – writing doesn’t have to.

I started this blog just over a year ago. Although I know I am not perfect – the craft of writing is ever-evolving and growing – I strive to entertain, warm the cockles of hearts, and inspire. Around the same time I started this blog, I was writing monthly articles for my writing chapters’ newsletter. I promised myself not to recycle articles/stories between the two – and I didn’t. It was all part of my goal to establish a writing routine to write more, as well as hone my craft.

I won’t lie by saying I never panicked – ‘Oh my god, what the heck am I going to write about? There is NOTHING to write about!!!’ I have a family, a job, laundry and bathrooms to clean, never mind a cat and fish to bother me. So sometimes, in the beginning, came up - blank. Coming up with something new every week is sometimes a challenge - no doubt about it. I have days were I am feeling uninspired. It’s only natural – I am a human-being.

But I gave myself a good shake, smacked myself upside the head, and gently reminded myself I am a writer. There is always, ALWAYS, something to write about. Writers write. That’s it. Plain and simple.

Do you ever hear tattoo artists moaning that they have nothing to create? Do you ever see them pouting outside their tattoo parlours? Do you see them moaning ‘I have nothing to design…’ their tattooed arms hanging limp at their side as they slump in a chair. Sometimes creative folk DO slump into an uncreative dry spell. But it’s up to you get it yourself out of it.

There is always something to write about.

The internet (don’t waste too much time lollygagging around on it!) is full of writing prompts to fuel your imagination and get your creativity going. Books and magazines on writing are over-flowing with ideas - the library is waiting for you.

And the best part – there is a whole world around you. What did you/can you learn from what you see – and not just what you see on the surface? What is beyond what you can see, before you?

You have a life you are living right now. You have imagination – use it. You have the ability to write – use it. You have a pen, paper, or computer – use it. You have thoughts, a voice, opinions, and dreams. Grab a pen and get them down.

Heck, make up a story about the meaning behind the tattoo on the neck of the guy sitting in front of you on the bus.

So quit trying so hard to be the greatest writer in the world. Be yourself – write what YOU want. Relax, let go, and look around for the little things.

Just put your pen to paper and let it fly.

Start spillin` some ink.


  1. Don't you think some people just like to talk about writing more than they actually like writing? I'm with you writers write - but I do have to say whining is allowed but only after at least a page or two of copy.

    BTW - a cat and a fish? Have you informed the cat of his mission in life?

  2. The cat is oblivious; and the 6 fish, one of them from the shark family, only care about their food.

    And I say, "A little less conversation, a little more action" (Elvis Presley) - but not in THAT way - I mean that towards writing. Thank you for reading Ryshia! Lisa