Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible - new release!

I've been away from here for a bit - life had gotten in the way of my writing. Or, I realize upon much-needed reflection, I allowed life to get in the way of my writing. Bad me.

I allowed challenges to get in the way - but at the same time I had to, unfortunately, 'let things go' in order to keep up with some of those all-consuming challenges. But as the dark clouds have finally started to lift - despite it being fall and rainy season upon us (hee, hee - I made a joke!) - good things ARE starting to happen once again...

My story 'Taking Aim at Excuses' is along with many other stories in the newest release 'Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible.' The book is full of 101 stories about possibilities and doing (at least often what one might have thought) the unthinkable - the unimaginable - despite adversity, challenges, roadblocks or...ourselves. Sometimes life throws us life-altering challenges that are out of our control and we have to work with what we've got. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, perspective hard to come by. Either way, no matter what the reason, doing what we can with what we've got and coming out bigger, stronger, tougher and better than what we were in the beginning is what really counts.

My story about archery that I am proud to have in this inspirational book has been published at the other side of a challenging time in my life. This story I wrote reminded me that no matter what clouds may hover, I have to keep shooting, take aim at excuses, and keep perspective. I should practice what I preach.

Now to be not so hum-drum and glum:

Something cool with this release - I participated in a 'Twitter Party' with publisher Amy Newmark and co-author, Deborah Norville of the syndicated show, Inside Edition (on which she had a segment about the book but I missed it!). Anyways, the 'party' lasted for an hour, and Amy, Deborah, other authors from the book twitter-chatted about the book. If you're on twitter go to #CSSThinkPossible to see our chat, or find me at @LisaMcManusLang

I hope you find the book a help to you and remember - anything's possible.

(Coach Bradley helping me shoot a bow for the first time - he's mentioned in my story :) )

Thank you all for reading - hope you'll come back soon!


  1. Congratulations, Lisa, on yet another published story!! Well done! You continue to inspire.

    And are those animals in the archery range??

    1. Ha ha - Ros - those are stuffed/foam animals that they bring out for the kids to shoot at. I stuck to shooting at balloons. And thank you for the congratulations! xo Lisa