Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Karma, Lightning Bolts and Mittens

It was a big week for all things spiritual and of Mother Nature’s persuasion. I’m not pushing religion, or otherwise; I’m only just sharing my observations and experiences from the past contemplative week.....

On Monday February 11th, 2013 (depending on what time you were in), Pope Benedict XVI resigned from his post. The big shocker of it all was that he was the first to do so in 600 years. And, because of this extremely rare event, there is no protocol in place for what steps the Vatican takes next, so everyone was up in arms.

I am summarizing all this from a lay persons’ perspective.

Good for him for ‘manning-up’ and stepping down when he realized he wasn’t up to the job anymore, I say.

And for the rest of the day on February 11th, we all carried on as usual, living our lives as we do. But the Pope’s actions were the talk of the town worldwide, no matter what denomination.

But that night after he resigned, Vatican City was amassed with a major lightning storm, the Vatican itself being hit not once, but TWICE by lightning.

And that got me thinking.

I suspected that ‘somebody up there’ was pretty ticked-off at the upheaval of routine and order and, with Mother Nature’s help, decided to send a message.

But on the other hand, HE (or she) might have been commending the Pope for stepping down. Maybe the lightning bolt was intended to be a good thing...? Gotta think positive, here.

So, whatever you believe or don’t believe, here is what I believed during those tumultuous papal days...

I got it in my head that if HE (you-know-who up there) was ticked off then maybe I needed to ramp up my spiritual ways just in case – cover all the bases, and all that. I had been dealing with less-than positive people during that time, and they were getting me down. I focused on being positive, I strove to think only kind thoughts about others no matter what, and I acted in exemplary ways that would make my forefathers and mothers proud.

I was a model citizen and all ‘round good girl for a whole day. By the end of the day I realized I wasn’t grumpy and I was happy and upbeat. Not that I'm a miserable grump every day, but we all have our days where negative thoughts get in there and mess with our heads and days. Everything was happy and upbeat and nothing got me down.

Then later that night I had another ‘sign.’ While routing around in the bottom of my purse, focusing on not swearing or cussing at not being able to find anything, low and behold I found an earring I had lost three weeks before. I had all but moved on and forgotten about it; I figured it was gone forever, never to be seen again.

Hmmmm....it made me wonder: did all my good behaviour pay off?

As the anxious times of the Pope’s resignation faded through the week, I worked to keep up my new way of living – any negative thoughts that would creep in about the negative or unruly people or things eventually stayed away on their own. Found earring or not, I knew there was a much greater pay-off to thinking positively. There were moments where I slipped backward, thinking negative thoughts (say, about the person on the bus who was blabbering on their cell phone too loud), but I got back on track. I’m only human, I guess.

But then – BUT THEN – I found out the lightning strikes were likely a photo-shopped hoax.

What? But all my efforts! All my angst! All my being good!

So I thought and thought and thought and thought.

I realized I didn’t need divine intervention to make me think happier thoughts, to live more positive days. Although I suspect - no, I KNOW and believe - every little bit helps.

I have my beliefs, as do we all. It pays to be ‘good’ and think positive thoughts all the time, to be nice to my neighbours, etc, for no other reason than I can and should. Doing so leads to happier days – positivity spreads like a germ.

So whether it was religious intervention, a sign, Karma, or whatever you want to call it (despite the lightning bolts apparently being photo-shopped), something or someone out there was sending me a message; a reminder. I wasn’t being ‘good’ with the intent of getting something in return – unless you call getting in the good books of someone (up there) ‘getting’ something. I wasn’t asking for anything – I wasn’t praying, bargaining or making deals. I wasn’t asking to win the lotto. I was just thinking and acting positively, something I should do year round for no reason other than I can.

Then, just to add to it all, on the same day I had all these deep thoughts about God, Karma, and being good, I found a mitten.

Not mine, but someone else’s. A wee mitt sure to fit a tiny, cold, three-year-old hand.

And right away I thought, “I hope they’re thinking nice thoughts for that mitten to come back.”

I sent out my positive thoughts, hoping the parents of the little mitten-less one had a spare pair, and hoping the little cold hand was tucked away in a pocket.


  1. Well, this is the religious season of Lent... the time when, traditionally, people give something up... so you gave up negative thinking... you may be more religious than you think...the Pope would be proud of you.

    1. Thank you, Al, for your kind comments. Yes, I hope the Pope would be happy with my efforts! Take care, Lisa