Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time for a change in January?

As the month of January suddenly appears on calendars everywhere, thoughts of new beginnings, fresh starts, and making and keeping resolutions are on the minds of many.

Laura Langston’s article in the January/February 2013 issue of YAM Magazine, 'A Change for the Better' (page 56) explores resolutions and goal-setting by examining habits; how to make ‘em, break ‘em, and keep ‘em.

Through spot-on research and keen interviews, she looks at how habits are integral in keeping resolutions and achieving goals. And what goes hand-in-hand with habits? Routine. Without a routine, those habits can’t be fostered. And without habits being created or broken, resolutions and goals more often than not don’t come to fruition.

Laura is a master at routines and habits, herself, to achieve what she has so far. With countless books published for young children and in recent years books for young adults (see, she is also a regular contributor for YAM Magazine, as well as the group blog, The Pen Warriors.

Laura's article contains an interview she did with me about how maintaining my own routines and habits helped me accomplish my own goals and dreams. I am honoured to have been interviewed by her, and as well, am honoured to have her as my writing colleague, mentor and friend.

It’s never too late to plan your own resolutions and goals. Be sure to check out Laura's article in YAM Magazine, free on newsstands around Victoria, BC, and also found online here.

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