Monday, November 5, 2012

More Books in the Mail!

Released this month is a new anthology series by Publishing Syndicate called ‘Not Your Mother’s Book.’ Full of edgy, honest and humorous slice-of-lift stories, the first book in this series, ‘On Being a Woman,’ features women writers, and a man (it’s true!), telling it like it is. From embarrassing moments, to serious-yet-funny moments, to life’s curiosities and questions that make us scratch our heads and laugh, this book of 64 stories has something for everyone - including a story by me titled 'No More Should.'

So of course, when my set of author copies finally arrived in the mail, I was jumping for joy and had to take a picture of it. When I know a box is on its way, I get a little obsessive about the whole thing. It’s all I can do but not take off time from work to wait by the mailbox. One proudly goes on my shelf of books, and I lovingly gaze by it as I pass it by daily.

There is much more to come from this great series – from future titles like ‘Travel,’ and ‘On Parenting’ and ‘On Politics,’ there is a book for everyone – writers or readers. For you writers out there, visit Publishing Syndicate for submission guidelines for upcoming titles. For you readers out there, I hope you’ll pick up a book and have a laugh!

Happy reading – and writing!

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