Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 21st - A Good Day to Get Mooned - UPDATE!

I humbly admit I had a few things wrong - blame it on my exhaustion, my excitement, or....I don't know. Blame it on something - blame it on the moon.

Poor Elisabeth gladly and happily read my story, July 21st - A Good Day to get Mooned, and corrected/clarified a few things. She says it was her fault for the confusion, and apologized. I daresay, Elisabeth, you have nothing to apologize for!!!!

And like I said before, I doubt NASA will be sending the likes of ME to the moon anytime soon (or maybe I would be better off...?)

To save me getting all starry-eyed again (the saying seemed appropriate) and messing up the moon, I figured I better quote the gal herself....

"Since the new moon (meaning no visible moon in the sky) was yesterday, July 19th 2012, that means that it is actually today, July 20th, when the moon will be at its "skinniest" at about 2% moon disk visibility. It will be slightly thicker (about 6%) on July 21st 2012. A crescent moon (either waning or waxing) in general, however, is still the phase when we see the least amount of the moon's disk. Sorry about that confusion! That's my fault." (Elisabeth Giffin, The Center of the Universe Observatory)

See what I mean? She apologized to me! Not necessary, Poor Elisabeth, no necessary at all.


"Our most powerful research telescope most often looks at deep space objects including: nebulas, star clusters and galaxies. Objects within our own solar system like planets and moons are often too bright for the powerful telescope to observe. However, our smaller telescopes are used for viewing of planets and moons, and these are available for public viewing as well on clear nights." (Elisabeth Giffin, The Center of the Universe Observatory)

Well, I can say that I am better off sticking with writing (and getting my facts right). All this stuff is a bit too much for little old me - it just makes me spacey.

Thank you again to Elisabeth for her patience and help - and for getting the facts straight.

Like I said - blame it on the moon.


  1. I love the whole chain of events - from contacting the experts, to getting it slightly wrong. Could have happened to any of us and probably has although I didn't have an expert nice enough to follow up behind me. You know there's a story even in that.

    1. Thank you, Ryshia. You bet there IS a story in that......deep thinking going on. Thank you for reading, and happy writing! Lisa

  2. To make a mistake is human,
    to forgive is divine.