Friday, June 15, 2012

Calling All Writers - Anthology Seeking Stories

A new series of anthologies by Publishing Syndicate is seeking slice-of-life, light-hearted, humorous stories for their ‘Not Your Mother’s Book’ series. Each ‘Not Your Mother’s Book’ title will have a different theme, from cats to weddings, to being a nurse to fishing.

As shown on their website:

Not Your Mother’s Book (NYMB) is a new anthology for a new century.
Consisting of real-life stories written by individuals 18 years and older, NYMB is tailored for a mature-audience readership; stories may contain language and situations akin to a PG-13 or TV-14 rating. While not all stories will fall into this rating system, the series will not focus on death/dying, cry-your-eyes out sad selections, but only hip, fun, modern and very-much-today type stories that will entertain our readers.

Story Deadlines Coming Soon!
NYMB . . . On Being a Woman: July 1, 2012
NYMB . . . On Dogs: July 1, 2012
NYMB . . . On Holidays: July 1, 2012
NYMB . . . On Travel: August 1, 2012
NYMB . . . On Being a Stupid Kid: August 1, 2012
NYMB . . . On Family: October 1, 2012
NYMB . . . On Being a Mom: October 1, 2012

One of my stories has made it to their first selection round for their book ‘On Travel,’ and I am very thrilled to be part of this new series! They are actively looking for stories between 500 and 2,500 words, so if you have a funny story to share, check out their website – and get writing!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Lisa, and congratulations on making the first cut!

    1. Thank you Rachel! This series sounds really exciting - and like I said, they are actively seeking stories. Be sure to visit them on Facebook, as well. Thanks for reading. Lisa