Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness

This was what was on my door one autumn Tuesday afternoon from Canpar Delivery. Most interesting to note, of course, was who the boxes were from – SIMON AND SCHUSTER (book distributor). Note also, if you can, my explicit instructions of where to leave the (most waited for, highly anticipated, treasured) boxes. My note to the delivery guy said "Please leave just under the hose by door."

Hmmm……..the excitement was building.

The next day….

This was what my door looked like with boxes from Simon and Schuster sitting in front….the delivery guy followed my instructions. Note the hose; he followed my explicit instructions. I like that delivery guy.

This is what 40 copies of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness’ look like. They were in the boxes.

Never before have books been so photographed…I have lots more pictures if you want to see…….

This is an artfully arranged display of the books, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness’ (yes, I am plugging the book).

Why the boxes, books and pictures?

Two of my stories are featured in ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness’ (ISBN: 978-1-935096-77-1, Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC), story #31 – A Real Turnaround and story #85 – How I Talked My Way to Happiness.

There are no pictures of me with the books on the day they arrived. I looked awful from not getting any sleep the night before – I was waiting for the delivery guy to come back with my boxes.

Which was dumb of me, as it wasn't like he was gonna come back at 3:00 o’clock in the morning.

I was a tad excited, to say the least.


  1. Congratulations, Lisa. Enjoy your pictures (and the books)

  2. Hey Lisa,
    Well done. You have worked hard developing your writing skills and it's so great that your work has now been recognized at an international level.

  3. Hi Alice....thank for the congrats! Lisa

  4. Hi Al, thank you for your kind words. Very exciting time for me! Thank you for reading! Lisa

  5. The books look wonderful Lisa. I can't wait to get a copy.

  6. Thank you, Pat! It was very exciting, to say the least. Hope to see you soon! Thank you for reading! Lisa

  7. Awesome Lisa! Save me a copy !!! PLEASE!