Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's New?

…I get asked. I shrug, and absently mumble, “Not much.”

Whoa, whoa, WHOA! ‘Not much?’ What, am I living under a rock or something?
There’s lots that’s new!!! Let’s see:

First, we had a ‘super moon,’ or ‘perigee moon,’ which rose at 8:03pm, Pacific Time, on March 19th, delighting moon-gazers everywhere. Its large size was testament to the fact that it was 50,000 km closer to the earth than its normal distance of 384403 km. Not that I have personally measured this, mind you; I leave that to the expert spacemen. Let them find a tape measure that long.

As my family danced on the beach overlooking the San Juan Islands while waiting for this great occurrence, a sliver of fiery orange spilled over the silhouette of one of the islands. They howled like the wolf pack they are, and as the moon rose higher, the colour and size intensified – as well as the howls emanating from the pack. As I barked at them to keep quiet, all three wolves - small, large and larger (in comparison to my height) - cowered, their ears flat on the back of their heads. Ah, my role of pack leader never ends (excuse me, I have an ear to scratch).

On another, unrelated night, the shorter lad readied to skip THE PERFECT rock off the dock at a local lake. However, I failed to remember that wooden docks are slippery when wet. Down he went, one whole leg in the water. It was dusk, and cold, and if it weren’t for his fingernail-grip on the dock, and me pulling him back, there would have been a whole lot more of him in the water than just his leg.

After righting ourselves, staring at each other in panic and surprise, the remaining rocks in his pocket were thrown unceremoniously into the lake – the moment was lost. At least we had a great laugh about it on the car ride home, and he was most excited to tell everyone ‘what he did on spring break.’

Yes, how exciting – while your mother has a heart attack.

The other lad, taller than I, is ever-supportive in opening jars of mayonnaise, creating laundry, and rejoicing with me in my writing accomplishments – what a guy. Prouder than a peacock, I am. Notably, as he grows taller and cuter than I, I have noticed a new-found, ever-constant need for hair-styling products. As I watch him bee-line, yet again, to the drugstore, I am stupefied; he spends more money on hair gunk than I do – and I am the retro ‘80’s hairspray queen!

As for the writing accomplishments the strapping young lad and I rejoiced about…..

Even if you don’t live on Vancouver Island with easy-access to local publications, please check-out the April edition of Nanaimo Magazine at (click on the starfish once you get there).
Download the April edition, and on Page 20 of the magazine, you will find my article, Finding History at Whippletree Junction. Or if you happen to be riding BC Ferries or VIA Rail, or visiting any retail establishments up and down the island, please pick up a copy – I would be happy to sign it for you.

So that’s what’s new…


  1. Great article Lisa! And you know I never thought about it but yeah how many generations from now, I believe they will be taking pictures of those discarded cell phones and laptops and... I bet they'll be thinking too - how did we possibly function with such archaic tools? And maybe thinking - aren't they fascinating. Just like you did with the printing press.

  2. Thank you Ryshia! And to think our first cell phones from the 80's were bigger than the remote control for your TV...and look at us now! Thank you for reading, and keep writing! Lisa